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PETA Needs Your Poop!


By: Pooja Sharma

PETA is looking for vegans who can donate their poop to those in need. They are calling out to Vegans to become ‘super fecal donors’. Yes, that’s right! Vegan Poop means so much that they can finally hold their head high in front of all the cruel ‘this would be good with bacon’ jokes.

According to PETA, vegans have the best poop. Their poop can actually help people suffering from debilitating gastrointestinal conditions as it has the perfect amount of microbiome. The process of introducing someone else’s gut bacteria might seem a little crazy but this method is gaining quite popularity these days. Maintaining a good gut bacteria is not easy now considering the changing lifestyle habits and easy access to junk food. This has led to increased incidence of gastrointestinal issues like leaky gut, irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease etc.

Currently, 2 US stool banks are collecting and analyzing these stools that can possibly solve this growing stomach bacteria issues. PETA has also put up on their site the importance of donating vegan poop. They have urged vegans to go out and donate their poops, which they have names as ‘gold standard’ of fecal transplants.

According to PETA, even vegan poop can make the world a better place to live in. Don’t worry, it’s not one of their strategies to make more people go vegan. They consider vegan poop as solid gold. According to PETA, once the non-vegans realize how much vegan poop means to people around or them, they would want to go vegan themselves. Being vegan saves 100 animals per year and now vegan poop will save some human lives too.

Why is vegan poop considered superior?

Vegans are more likely to have a healthy and balanced gut bacteria as opposed to non-vegans. This is probably because of the fiber they have in their diets. Fruits and vegetables generally are more rich in fiber than meat. A healthy gut bacteria thrives on fiber – both soluble and insoluble. Some good sources of fiber are beans, berries, green leafy vegetables, lentils, whole grains etc.

So, vegans have a higher chance of meeting their RDA for fiber than non-vegans. In a study published in late 2015, it was stated that less than 3% of the Americans get their daily intake of fiber. This is because meat has no fiber at all. And they don’t get enough servings of veggies and beans to meet their daily recommended requirement of fiber.

How would vegan poop help?

Vegan Poop can be useful for Fecal Microbial Transplant or FMT. The process involves taking stool from a healthy person who has good gut bacteria and transferring it into the colon of someone who suffers from bad and unhealthy balance of gut bacteria. This method has been used to treat Crohn’s disease along with Clostridium Difficile. The latter leads to generation of spores in a person’s colon. It’s contagious and can even be fatal. There have been reports that almost 81% of patients who suffer from C.Difficile made a full recovery from their illness after the Fetal Microbial Transplant was done.

Since then, there have been studies that have even estimated that the cure rate after transplant can be as high as 90%. The only problem is how hard it is for good poop to be present. There is also a chance that you are vegan but your stool doesn’t qualify for the stool bank. Yes, you can face rejection here. But, the chances are much lower if you are a vegan.

Open Biome also known as the Red Cross of Poop is the procedure by which the banks recruits and screens the stool donors. They filter and freeze the donated stool or raw material for clinicians to test. A large list of factors then go on to decide whether or not the stool is the ‘gold standard’ of fecal matter. Only after all the procedure is done, the stool is qualified to be used for transplant. Transplants are done orally via a feeding tube, nasally or rectally.

Human gut needs to have a huge variety of microbiome to be considered as healthy. PETA believes that a plant based diet can lead to a much more diversity in the microbiome of the gut as compared to a non-vegan based diet. More diversity means a healthier gut and less chances of poop rejection. Some of them are needed for normal human functioning, others just benefits you in a variety of ways like reducing inflammation, increasing immunity and supporting your mental health.

This procedure has not been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration yet. But, due to high rates of its success among the patients suffering from C.Difficile, FDA allows physicians to use it. This allowance is only given if the patient’s health is suffering even after standard procedures are done.

This procedure won’t only help those suffering from serious stomach ailments but it will also help people suffering from mental health problems. A healthy and balanced gut bacteria is directly linked to our brain, which in turn connects to our entire nervous system. There are studies that have linked inflammation of gut or unhealthy gut bacteria to anxiety and depression. It escalates the symptoms of anxiety in those who already suffer from it. In people who already suffer from irritable bowel syndrome, it can cause higher levels of anxiety and depression.

Don’t worry! You don’t have to go vegan in order to stay healthy and beat your stomach troubles. There is still ongoing research going on for both the procedure and how any diet and lifestyle affects your microbiome diversity and gut bacteria. All you have to do is include more fiber in your diet and have more of veggies and beans from time to time. Just maintain a healthy balance and you would be good to go!



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